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Staff Positions

Office Manager


  • Location: Montreal
  • Hours: 35 per week, 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday (flexible, based on candidate availiblity. Please indicate your availability in your application.)
  • Wage: $20.00 per hour (subject to change based on prior experience and qualifications)

Who is the ideal candidate?

Our next Office Manager will be a self-starting, team leading, and organized individual who can work with our student leadership and staff in maintaining the organization and serving its membership. This position requires a balance of front-line/member support, administrative management, financial management, and executive coordination. The ideal candidate will have non-profit experience with some demonstrated managerial capabilities, a willingness to learn, the capacity to adapt to complex systems, and a personable demeanour. This position works alongside elected student leaders to manage ASFA as a collaborative workplace and an organization based on democratic ideals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages finances, financial administration, financial tracking, budget oversight
  • Responsible for accounts payable
  • Handles cash and administers revenues
  • Liaison with bookkeeper and bank, and performs deposits at the bank
  • Provides stakeholder liaison, including with the university and vendors
  • Oversees administration, daily operations, manages systems (filing, booking, IT)
  • Coordinates records/archives
  • Provides a public point of contact, including handling complaints
  • Assists with program assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Advises on personnel, including staffing needs and conflict resolution
  • Coordinates the executive and advises on activities undertaken in their mandate
  • Advises on policy and governance, and helps ensure compliance with legal and university standards
  • Drafts documents such as confidentiality waivers, employment/personnel agreements, and reports
  • Assists with volunteer and event coordination


  • 1 year of financial management experience
  • At least 1 year of program or organizational management experience
  • Postsecondary degree or technical certification (Note: Applicants who intend to graduate with a postsecondary degree at the end of the Winter 2019 term will be considered.)


  • Experience working with students or in postsecondary contexts
  • Experience working in nonprofit or communitybased organizations
  • Experience supporting volunteers
  • Experience with executive coordination
  • Experience with legal and confidential matters

Application Instructions Send your CV and cover letter with your name in the file name (i.e. Firstname_Lastname.pdf). Please submit in PDF format only.

Please send your application by email to Marguerite Rolland with "Office Manager Application" in the subject line at advocacy@asfa.ca.

Deadline to apply is April 3rd at 5pm.

External Appointment Positions


What is Faculty Council?

Faculty Council is the highest academic decision making body within the Faculty of Arts and Science. Amoung other things, it reviews all requests for changes to curriculum and academic programs from departments within the faculty.

What is a Fauculty Council Student Representative?

A Fauculty Council Student Representative sits on Faculty Council alongside faculty members and university administrators. They will contribute to discussion regarding academics and will have a vote in any decisions made.

Students sitting on faculty council will have an opportunity to interact with faculty members and administrators within the faculty. Furthermore, students will be able to voice their opinions and provide feedback on academic matters.

How can I apply?

Send your Resume and a Cover letter to academic@asfa.ca before April 1st. Only those who send both a cover letter and a resume will be considered. Please make sure to send any documentation in PDF format.

Applicants must be availible to attend both the April and May Faculty Council meetings.

Who can apply?

Students studying within the faculty of Arts and Science.

Committee Member Positions

Internal Affairs and Administration Committee member

We're looking for a Member-at-Large on our Internal Affairs and Administration Committee!

What is a Member-at-Large?

A MAL serves as a liaison between the general student body and ASFA. If you are a MAL on the Internal Affairs and Administration committee, you will exercise a voting right on the committee and play a role in its direction.

What is the Internal Affairs and Administration Committee?

The purpose of the Administration and Internal Committee is to coordinate all matters pertaining to the Member Associations. The Administration and Internal Committee shall also serve as an available screening option for Member Association events to ensure that they adhere to financial restrictions, University Policies and Sustainability Policies.

How can I apply?

Send your Resume and a Cover letter to internal@asfa.ca. Only those who send both a cover letter and a resume will be reviewed by the internal committee. Please make sure to send any documentation in PDF format.

Who can apply?

Students studying within the faculty of Arts and Science.

Street Team Member

We're looking for Street Team members!

What is the Street Team?

The Street Team works to promote ASFA's events and initiatives both in-person and online. Common tasks include tabling in university areas with high student traffic to engage with such students, and making social media posts.

How can I apply?

Send an email to the Street Team Coordinator explaining why you're interested in getting involved! Simple as that. There's no deadline to apply, we're always looking for members!

Who can apply?

Students studying within the faculty of Arts and Science.