ASFA receives its core funding through a fee-levy of credits allocated from undergraduate courses taken within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The fee-levy was voted on and approved by the membership, all undergraduate Arts and Science students at Concordia. Any augmentation to ASFA’s fee-levy must be put to a vote of its membership. ASFA derives its ability to levy fees from the Quebec Accreditation Act.

Funding and Fee-Levy

The fee-levy provides ASFA with $1.22 per credit, and is inclusive of all credits allocated for all undergraduate Arts and Sciences courses. For example, when a student signs up for a 3 credit course ASFA receives 3 x $1.22 for a total of $3.66. The fee-levy is paid as part of tuition.

At the start of each semester, the university transfers the fee-levy to ASFA as a lump sum. However, if a student leaves a class or fails to pay their tuition the corresponding fee-levy per credit is deducted from ASFA’s funding. In this way, ASFA’s funding is contingent but also stable.

Additional funding for ASFA and its Member Associations comes from ticket and merchandise sales at events. ASFA also applies for and receives funding for specific projects from sources on campus. ASFA and the Member Associations can seek sponsorships, however, ASFA is not a registered charity and cannot give tax receipts for donations.

The financial footprint of ASFA inclusive of all its funding sources is approximately $525,000.


Students are able to opt-out from the $1.22 per credit fee-levy. Students may opt-out at any point in the semester for reimbursement of fees incurred and paid in that current semester. All students requesting reimbursement must provide proof of enrollment as well as proof of payment of tuition to determine the amount of credits to be reimbursed for. There is no deadline or opt-out date within each semester but opt-out reimbursements must be made within the current semester and cannot be applied for retroactively.

Students are not required to provide justification for opting out. However, students who opt-out are not eligible to attend ASFA or Member Association events in that semester. Please contact ASFA at to inquire about opting out.

Please note that ASFA only receives and therefore can only reimburse the $1.22 fee-levy. Additional fees levied on Arts and Sciences undergraduate students do not flow through to ASFA.