Funding Opportunities

Have a project that you’re looking to fund? Check out the different funding sources below to get your project off the ground!

Funding through ASFA - Special Project Fund

What is the Special Project Fund (SPF)?

At ASFA, we have Special Project Funding (SPF) available for students in the Arts and Science community who are looking to fund a new or interesting initiative or endeavor.

What types of projects do we fund?

We fund projects that directly benefit Arts and Science students. This can range anywhere from academic conferences, to professional workshops, to social events.

Note: Preference is given to on-campus projects, and to projects that can demonstrate an effort to be environmentally sustainable.

How can I apply?

To apply for special project funding, please fill out this application form and submit it to the Finance Coordinator by email, or bring it to the ASFA office upon completion. Once submitted, our Finance Committee will promptly review your application, and get back to you as soon as possible!

Is there a deadline to apply?

Nope! Applications are reviewed on a continuous basis, as the Finance Committee meets regularly.

Funding through External Sources

Check out this page to find out about the various sources of funding available for projects in the Concordia Community!