Standing Committees

Standing Committees help implement the decisions of Council, aid in the day-to-day operation of ASFA and have the authority to exercise the powers of Council between meetings of the latter.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee examines relevant academic issues affecting the student body and to advocate in the best interest of Arts and Science students in the Faculty.

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Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy committee’s mandate is to advocate on behalf of all Arts & Science students, particularly those from equity-seeking communities. The Advocacy Committee is mandated to plan consent, anti-oppression, and mental health awareness workshops, and to address issues of sexual assault, racism, mental health, bullying, and safer spaces within Concordia that affects ASFA and its Member Associations.

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Administration and Internal Committee

The Administration and Internal Committee coordinates all matters pertaining to the MAs. It serves as an available screening option for Member Association events to ensure that they adhere to financial restrictions, University Policies and Sustainability Policies. The Administration and Internal Committee aids MAs in the case of conflicts with their department, other MAs or the Association. The Administration and Internal Committee is also responsible for overseeing the creation of any new Member Associations as well as the hiring and distribution of CEOs to existing MAs.

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Communications and External Relations Committee

The Communications and External Relations Committee oversees ASFA’s communications strategy and that of its Member Associations in promoting activities and events. It examines ASFA’s role in the greater community outside Concordia University and implement initiatives to promote ASFA’s best interest. It is also responsible for overseeing any commercial activity within ASFA.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee examines and makes recommendations to ASFA Council about budgetary matters. This committee oversees all budgetary matters regarding ASFA including, but not limited to, setting MA budgets and special project funding requests.

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Loyola Committee

The Loyola Committee examines the needs of Arts and Science Loyola students, and ensures that ASFA is properly and fairly representing those needs.

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Policy Review Committee

The Policy Review Committee reviews the By-Laws and Annexes governing ASFA and propose changes or amendments. The Policy Review Committee sends all proposed changes to Council for approval, as per the By-Laws. In addition, it is responsible for drafting and maintaining any additional policy implemented within the Association.

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Social and Special Events Committee

The Social and Special Events Committee helps organize and promote ASFA and MAs social and special events.

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Sustainability ComMittee

The Sustainability Committee oversees the implementation of all policies adopted by Council on sustainability in ASFA’s operations and in those of the MAs. It is responsible for overseeing a waste audit for both fall and winter orientations of ASFA. It also examines and promotes ASFA and the MAs’ sustainable practices and propose recommendations to Council. Sustainability Committee examines and provides recommendations to better sustainable initiatives within Concordia.

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Opportunities to participate in one of ASFA's committees as a member-at-large will be communicated through the Association's Facebook page and newsletter.

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