What We Do

ASFA is funded and run by students for students. We encourage all of our members to get involved with us to have fun, make connections, and have an impact on ASFA itself. Community is key!


The Arts and Science Federation of Associations represents all Concordia undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. At ASFA, we deliver social events, academic initiatives, and advocacy projects. We also perform our own administration, governance, and elections with elected student representatives, student councillors, and staff. In this way, ASFA is a member focused non-profit organization that strives to make a positive impact on student life and the campus community.

Member Associations (MAs)

ASFA includes Member Associations that deliver their own social and academic events and initiatives. ASFA contributes to the campus community by supporting its Member Associations in their administration, governance, and elections so that Member Associations can enrich student life by directly reaching our membership. ASFA provides core funding for its Member Associations as well as the provisioning of a Special Projects Fund that is open to its membership and Member Associations.

A full list of ASFA Member Associations can be found here.